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Black Cat White Cat
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BFI Documentaries – £16.99

Within the DVD repertoire of the British Film Industry lies a diverse and fascinating range of documentary titles, recording snapshots of times gone and showing us how we used to live.  We list ten of our favourite non-fiction releases by this imprint.

  • Before The Nickelodeon – American camerman Edwin S Porter directed over 200 shorts between 1901-1908 and is acknowledged as key to the development of US cinema as we know it today
  • Early Cinema: Primitives & Pioneers: 2DVD – Many of the earliest cinematic techniques are exposed in this collection of 59 short films from 1896-1910 by British, French and American directors
  • Electric Edwardians – A collection of 35 short films, directed by the Mitchell and Kenyon partnership, covering life in the north of England between 1900-1906, narrated by Dan Cruickshank
  • Gallivant: 2DVD – A modern-day travelogue around the British coast, with the director engaging with all walks of life as he is accompanied by two generations of his own family
  • The Lost World Of Friese-Green – Claude Friese-Green drove from Lands End to John O’Groats in the mid-1920s, developing and experimenting with embryonic colour film along the way
  • The Lost World Of Mitchell & Kenyon – When 800 rolls of film were discovered in the basement of a Blackburn shop, Mitchell and Kenyon’s time-capsule from 1900-1913 was opened
  • The Name Of A River – Indian director Ritwik Ghatak is the subject of this dreamlike biographical journey through India and Bangladesh, and a fascinating insight into the work of this overlooked master
  • People On Sunday – This semi-documentary from 1929 follows five Berliners for 24 hours as they take a trip to the countryside, detailing the everyday lives of five very different characters
  • Silent Britain – A co-production from the BFI and the BBC, Matthew Sweet narrates footage taken from the national archives, dating between 1898-1929, including short films from the era
  • Visions Of Light: Art Of The Cinematographer – With over 100 films clips and extensive interview footage, the techniques used to create the atmosphere of a production provides a fascinating subject

Ten of the best DVD releases from 2006

  • Black Cat White Cat (1998, Serbo-Croat black comedy, Kusturica)
  • Blade Runner (1982, futuristic thriller, dir. Scott)
  • Factotum (2005, semi-biographical drama, dir. Hamer)
  • Fantastic Planet (1973, French/Czech surreal animation, dir. Laloux)
  • Hidden (2005, French thriller, dir. Haneke)
  • The Innocents (1961, supernatural thriller, dir. Clayton)
  • Junebug (2004, comedy drama, dir. Morrison)
  • The Thief of Bagdad (1940, fantasy adventure, dir. Various)
  • Tony Takitani (2004, Japanese drama, dir. Ichikawa)
  • Woman of the Dunes (1964, Japanese drama, dir. Teshigahara)

New Release & Forthcoming Highlights

Almodovar’s VOLVER – 12 February

Already a winner at Cannes and an Oscar nominee this year, Almodovar’s latest ’emotional farce’ tells the story of a mother who returns from the grave to settle the family issues she couldn’t sort out when she was alive.  Whilst Penelope Cruz stars in the lead role, the entire female cast shared the Cannes prize for Best Actress, giving an indication to the strength of performances in this touching comedy drama.  With a second disc packed with interviews and footage, order your copy here…

OUT NOW – Antibodies; Belle de Jour (40th Anniv.Edn.); Luis Bunuel 8DVD Set; Caravaggio; Carve Her Name With Pride; The Colditz Story; The Cranes Are Flying; The Cruel Sea; The Dam Busters; Diva; The Go-Between; I Was Montys Double; Ice Cold In Alex; Keane; The League Of Gentlemen (1960); Look Both Ways; The Man Who Fell To Earth; Ozu Collection Vol4; The Plague Of Zombies; Ridicule; A Scanner Darkly; Southern Comfort; Tokyo Drifter; Zidane

FEBRUARY – Baiser Voles (aka Stolen Kisses); Blonde Venus; Blue Dahlia; Crossfire; Dersu Uzala: 2DVD; Farewell My Lovely (1944); The Four Feathers (1939); Gandhi (Anniv.Edn.); The Glass Key; I Saw Ben Barka Get Killed; Im Alright Jack; The Killers (1946); Lovers Of The Arctic Circle; Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House; Out Of The Past (aka Build My Gallows High); La Peau Douce; A Self-Made Hero; Shoah: 4DVD; Sleepy Hollow (Spec.Edn.); Volver: 2DVD

MARCH – Julie Christie 4DVD Collection; Darling; Pans Labyrinth; Peeping Tom (Spec.Edn.); Performance (Jagger); The Queen (Mirren); Salesman (Maysles Brothers)

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